Sending Gifts across the Miles

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Missing special occasions does not have to mean being people cannot contribute to the fun and excitement. A few clicks online and flowers, gifts, or a combination of both can be ordered for a birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, or any other occasion. While Buying Flower Bouquets online and having them delivered is a popular solution, it is not appropriate all the time.

Alternatives to Flowers

Sending a live plant to a business partner who has moved to a new office is an excellent idea. Another alternative is to consider The Gift of Hampers for All Occasions. A baby shower hamper, for example, can be customized to include a variety of cute and useful items. A towel cake made of bibs, towels, or blankets can be placed in a hamper, as can a soft teddy bear, balloons, and baby body care products.



Wine, gourmet foods, and chocolate will make a delightful hamper for an anniversary present. That nephew turning fifteen would love a hamper with balloons and a remote control helicopter. An aqua gift, jewelry, music boxes, or spirits can enhance an occasion as well. Finding a florist with the perfect specialty gift available may take a bit of browsing, but the time will be well worth it when the recipient calls overjoyed to say thank you.

Advantages of Local Delivery

Dealing directly with a local florist online is much faster and safer than shipping out presents. Flowers and live plants have to be delivered of course, but having gifts delivered also has advantages. The first is the speed of delivery. Many websites offer free local delivery that can be completed as early as the next business day. Some offer same-day delivery for an extra charge, depending on what time the order is placed.

Another is eliminating the anxiety experienced hoping the gift gets to the final destination in one piece. Damage in transit is not uncommon. The gift can get lost during the shipping process and arrive weeks or months later. Having a special gift arrive on time and in perfect condition is ideal.

Use Caution

Shopping online is typically a positive experience, but there have been complaints regarding quality. Pictures can be deceiving and it is difficult to know which vendor will provide great service. Researching a few websites is wise and can save customers a lot of frustration. Look for a florist with ten years of experience or more. There is no way a poor florist will remain in business for a decade. Bad reviews and social media warnings are too prevalent these days to risk poor service to customers.

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